Horse Less Press

Upcoming Readings: Denrow in Oregon

Horse Less editor Jennifer Denrow will be reading from her new book, California, in Oregon this month! Go check it out!

March 25th: Bad Blood, 8pm, Work/Sound Gallery, 820 SE Alder, Portland
March 28th: Smallpressapalooza, 6pm, Powell’s, Portland

Horse Less Review #9

HLR #9 is coming soon, with work by Catherine Meng, Anne Shaw, Carrie Adams, Kerri Webster, Shawn Huelle, Tony Mancus, TaraShea Nesbit, Rhiannon Dickerson, Adam Reich, Kevin McLellan, Mark DeCarteret, Elizabeth Robinson, Travis Cebula, Megan Burns, Thomas Trudgeon, Erik Anderson, Brooklyn Copeland, Maria Getto, Brian Foley, Linda Dove, Chris Hosea, Carrie Bennett, Michael Flatt, Nicole Wilson, Nate Pritts, Jennifer H. Fortin, James Yeary, and more!

Interviews with Froude & Tynes

Rob Mclennan interviews Richard Froude and Jen Tynes about writing and publishing and the big, big questions. Thanks for the opportunity, Rob!

And check out Richard Froude’s “seven things I am learning about dying” at Slack Lust.