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Books That Want Reviewing

I have been hoarding a stack of books I really want to write my own O P E N reviews for, but I am only one cicada. If you would like to review one of these fantastic books for O P E N, please email me at

Danielle Pafunda’s Manhater

Megan Kaminski’s Desiring Map

Kristi Maxwell’s Re-

Blueberry Morningsnow’s Whale in the Woods

Kim Gek Lin Short’s China Cowboy

New at O P E N!

Some long overdue updates at O P E N!

j/j hastain to Arielle Guy and CA Conrad, Jeff Alessandrelli to Janaka Stucky, and Nick Admussen to Jeff Alessandrelli.

Check them all out here & please be in touch if you’re interested in writing a letter of review for us! We are open to all wonder and are especially interested in reviews of hybrid and cross-genre texts and reviews of small and micro-press publications.