Horse Less Press

HLR #14: Nico Vassilakis

two poems by Nico Vassilakis

HLR #14: Jordan Stempleman


from The Resurfacing of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Jordan Stempleman

HLR #14: Cynthia Spencer


four poems by Cynthia Spencer

HLR #14: Philip Sorenson


from The Poems of Alfred de Musset by Philip Sorenson

HLR #14: Chad Scheel


from Silhouettes by Chad Scheel

HLR #14: MH Rowe

three poems by MH Rowe

HLR #14: Judith Roitman


Six Ghazals by Judith Roitman

HLR #14: Tony Mancus


from A Vessel Interior by Tony Mancus

HLR #14: Rose Hunter


five poems by Rose Hunter

HLR #14: Melanie Hubbard


from Auto-suggestion for Mothers by Melanie Hubbard