Horse Less Press

Book Announcements Coming Soon + A Chance to Embiggen Our 2015 Book Catalog

If you submitted a manuscript for our spring open reading period, or if you’re just curious to see what we’re up to, we’ll be making final decisions and announcing those titles in the next several weeks! Thank you for your work and your interest and your patience. We are so excited about the manuscripts (over 100) we’ve gotten a chance to read this year.

Our spring Kickstarter campaign has met and exceeded its goal: hooray! We’ve already agreed to add a chapbook to our 2014 line-up in response to that overflow. But we’d love to add one more goal. If we can reach $2400 (we’ve raised $2000 so far), we’ll add a full-length e-book to our 2015 book catalog, in addition to the print books we have already budgeted for. We always have to turn down manuscripts we wish we could publish; if you haven’t subscribed or pre-ordered through our Kickstarter yet, take advantage of the deals and help us make even more poetry happen!

More copies of Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery // hear Tim Earley read in DC! // more goals

Tim Earley will be reading in D.C. on Friday, June 13 with Michelle Dove, Michael Flatt, Rachel Katz, and Sara Nicholson. More info here; go hear and see them! You can check out a recent reading of Tim’s here

We have run out of copies of Earley’s Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery again, which is a great problem to have; new copies are on their way from the printers. If you order a copy through our current Kickstarter campaign, you won’t be sorry! We are only $8 away from our first stretch goal; if we reach $2000, we’ll add another chapbook to our 2014 line-up. Additionally, if we can make it to $2400 in the next four days, we’ll add a full-length e-book to our 2015 line-up! Tell all your friends! Help us make more things! 

Back from Kansas City & A Kickstarter Stretch Goal

Mr. Sikkema and I had a great time being Horse Less Press representatives at the Midwest Small Press Festival in Kansas City this year. We saw friends and met great people and sold some books and bought some books and read some poems and had some poems read to us. Big huge thanks to all the organizers and participators and hosts.

While we were away, our Kickstarter campaign surpassed its $1700 goal – we’re currently resting at a little over $1800. Thank you all so much! We will contact folks to get addresses and such as soon as we’re able. In the meantime, we wanted to offer a stretch goal and see if we can make use of the five days of Kickstarter we have left; if we reach $2000, we’ll add a chapbook to this year’s run, and we’ll add an extra goody to everyone’s package. Please pass the word along to anyone who might be interested in getting some fabulous books and supporting a little press with a big engine.