Sara Woods’ book birthday + 2015 book subscription!

We should be receiving copies of Sara Woods’ Sara or the Existence of Fire in the mail today, and we are SO EXCITED. More pictures of and info on that soon.

Woods’ book is the last full-length of our 2014 catalog, which means it is ALREADY time to begin focusing on our books of 2015, starting with Every Living One by Nathan Hauke in January, and then here you are by Sara Peck and Jared Joseph (March), HOUSES by Nikki Wallschlaeger (May), and The Jitters by Anne Cecelia Holmes (July). Would you like to receive all four of these books as soon as they’re available? And would you like to help out an adjunct-run, poet-powered micro-press in the process? You can subscribe to our 2015 full-length book catalog for $55. There’s also a gift option that includes a mini broadside for $65. Read more from all four authors here, and get yourself a yearly subscription! We are so grateful for you.

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