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Soon to be out of print! Sherlock, Gordon, Roitman, Mancus, Brady, Maxwell, Iijima, and Won!

We’re making room in our catalog for some new chapbooks and saying a sweet goodbye to some old friends. After this week, the following chapbooks will be officially out of print:

Once When a Building Block, Brenda Iijima & Annie Won

To Insist on the ‘Someness’ of Every Assemblage, Kristi Maxwell

Leroy Sequences, Dan Brady

Again(st) Membering, Tony Mancus

Two: (Ghazals), Judith Roitman

Keen, Lauren Gordon

Life is to Blame for Everything, Frank Sherlock

If you’d like to order a copy, please visit our catalog and place your order by Sunday, April 17!

Today at HLR: Rebecca Stoddard!

New today at Horse Less Review: “because condition is a small room that hangs from the neck” by Rebecca Stoddard!