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img_4844Aluminum Necropolis

Nichole Goff

Nichole Goff graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Notre Dame in 2016, where she studied poetry. She is a former assistant editor at Action Books and a current poetry editor at Spork Press. She resides in Tucson where she teaches writing classes, binds books, practices martial arts and dance, and continues to write poetry. You can find her work in Smoking Glue Gun, O-Dark Thirty Magazine, The Fem Online Magazine, Witch Craft Magazine,, The White Stag, and Quaint Magazine. 

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img_4860Blank Blank Blues

Anna Gurton-Wachter

Anna Gurton-Wachter is a writer, editor, and archivist. Her poems have appeared in Elderly, 6×6, No, Dear, The Boog City Reader, The Organism for Poetic Research’s PELT, Publication Studio, and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, CYRUS (2014), was published by Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs. Anna is an editor for DoubleCross Press. She lives with Ian in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where she was born and raised.

Thanks to Sam Bornstein for his beautiful cover art!

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img_4745Girl Tramp

Cynthia Spencer

Cynthia Spencer is a recent graduate of The Evergreen State College with a focus in text and media arts. She has written a few chapbooks and two chapbook-size collaborations: There Exists… with Chelsea Tadeyeske (plumberries press 2013) and etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. with Zoe Addison. She was a co-founder of The Midwest Small Press Festival in Milwaukee, WI and currently co-runs the Convex Mirror Reading Series and co-edits the journal Squares in Olympia, WA.

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img_4746Missing Slides

Stephen Danos

Stephen Danos is the author of the chapbooks Missing Slides (Horse Less Press 2016), DO NOT WANT (alice blue books 2015), and Playhouse State (H_NGM_N Books 2012). He is Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Pinwheel, an online publisher of poetry, artwork, and photography. He lives in Seattle.

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IMG_4348On Not Screaming

Eloisa Amezcua

Eloisa Amezcua. Amezcua is an Arizona native. Her poetry and translations are published or forthcoming from BOAAT, The Journal, Prelude, Poetry Magazine, and others. You can find her at

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Stephon Lawrence

Stephon Lawrence is a Brooklyn born & based writer, and artist. She is a graduate of the MFA in Writing at Pratt Institute and is an editor of The Felt, a journal of otherworldly poetics. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared inGandy Dancer, Cosmonauts Avenue, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Glitter Mob, and The Fem. Stephon spends her free time watching anime, yelling about white supremacy, and being real cute for the ‘gram. You can find her on twitter @nnohpetss.

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Ahmunet Jessica Jordon

Ahmunet Jessica Jordon is a lesbian poet and educator from Baltimore. Her stories investigate Black experience, speak to the human condition and the raw residue of lust and sexuality. She received her MFA in Writing and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, is a VONA 2015 fellow, and currently resides as adjunct faculty in CIIS’s MFA Programs. Cover design for Jordon’s chapbook is by Nye’ Lyn Tho. Order BLACK AND. BLUE. PRINTS via Paypal. 



Lauren Brazeal

In her past, Lauren Brazeal has been a homeless gutter-punk, a resident of Ecuador’s Amazon jungle, a maid, a surfer chick, and a custom aquarium designer. She is a graduate of Bennington College’s MFA program in writing and literature. She is the author of one other chapbook, Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters (Dancing Girl Press 2016) and her work has appeared widely in print and online in journals like DIAGRAM, TNY Press’ Electric Encylopedia of Experimental Literautre, Verse Daily, and Painted Bride Quarterly among others. She maintains a website at

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IMG_3635empathy for cars / force of july

Davy Knittle 

Davy Knittle’s poems and reviews have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Fence, Jacket2, Pinwheel, and Entropy. His collaborations with Sophia Dahlin have appeared recently in Eleven Eleven. His first chapbook, cyclorama, was published by The Operating System in 2015. He lives in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a PhD in English at The University of Pennsylvania.

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Cassandra de Alba

Cassandra de Alba’s work has appeared in Tinderbox, Illuminati Girl Gang, Ilk, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and Best Indie Lit New England, among other publications. She graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in poetry and history and holds a dual masters in history and archival science from Simmons College. A three-time National Poetry Slam competitor and associate editor for Pizza Pi Press, she lives in Medford, MA.

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Answering Machine

Daniela Olszewska

Daniela Olszewska is the author of four books of poetry, including cloudfang : : cakedirt (Horse Less Press, 2012) andCitizen J (Artifice Books, 2013). Daniela lives in Chicago, where she teaches courses in ESL, composition, and creative writing.She now lives and writes under the name Daniela Czarny.

You can read some poems from ANSWERING MACHINE at Pith. 

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IMG_3202Burnout Paradise

Christine Bettis

Christine Bettis is a poet in the MFA program at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She is from Detroit. Of her new chapbook, Bettis writes, “BURNOUT PARADISE is a series of diseased poems that drives itself into an IRL/online hybrid grid,  full of danger, symptomatic loops, and decaying layers in pursuit of the cure.” You can order BURNOUT PARADISE now. 



IMG_3203Sleepwalk with Me

Megan Burns

Megan Burns is the publisher at Trembling Pillow Press and the author of three full-length collections available from Lavender Ink. She directs the Blood Jet Poetry Series in New Orleans. Her collection The Poetics of Nicki Minaj & 30 Days of Weezy is forthcoming. You can now order her chapbook SLEEPWALK WITH ME, “poems crafted for a Laura Palmer dollbaby performance.”



IMG_3134The Red Essay & Other Histories

Claudia Cortese

Claudia Cortese’s poems and lyric essays appear in Best New Poets 2011, Blackbird, Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Mid-American Review, and Sixth Finch, among others. Author of the chapbook Blood Medals (Thrush Press 2015)–which explores suburban girlhood through a character named Lucy–Cortese lives in New Jersey.

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IMG_3112Trembling Ourselves Into Trees

Amy Jo Trier-Walker

Amy Jo Trier-Walker received her MFA in poetry at Columbia College Chicago, and she lives and works on a tree and herb farm in Indiana. Her work can be found in or is forthcoming from Forklift, Ohio, Handsome, LEVELER, Word For/Word, and Timber, among others, and she is the Poetry and Arts Editor at Black Tongue Review. 

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Alyse Knorr

Alyse Knorr is the author of Copper Mother (Switchback Books 2015), Alternates (dancing girl press 2014), and Annotated Glass (Furniture Press Books 2013). She received her MFA from George Mason University. Her work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Drunken Boat, and The Southern Poetry Anthology: Georgia (Texas Review Press 2012), among others. She teaches English at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and serves as a founding co-editor of Gazing Grain Press.

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IMG_3033Sleeptalk or Not At All

Emily Brandt

Emily Brandt is also the author or the chapbooks ManWorld (dancing girl press) and Behind Teeth (Recreation League). Emily is a co-founding editor of No, Dear, Web Acquisitions Editor for VIDA, and a contributing writer for Weird Sister. She lives and teaches in Brooklyn.

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IMG_3032Two Truths and a Lie 

Leah Rogin-Roper

Leah Rogin-Roper’s essay “Honk if You Love Real Snow” was featured in Mountain Gazette’s Best of the West. Her flash fiction has been performed by Stories on Stage and The Buntport Theater Group. Fiction and nonfiction pieces have been recently published in The Denver Post, Serenity Magazine, Cliterature, and Deep South Review. She lives in the mountains west of Denver and teaches writing at Red Rocks Community College.

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IMG_3035Dirty Party Poems

Kiley McLaughlin

Kiley McLaughlin is the author of BODIES FOUND (Patient Presses 2015). Her work has appeared in print or live at Cutbank, DIAGRAM, Group Project, and others. She holds a BA in English from Harvard College and an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Raised in Somerville, Massachusetts, she currently lives and writes in Berkeley, California.

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IMG_2956Seven to December

Megan Kaminski & Bonnie Roy

Megan Kaminski is the author of Desiring Map (2012) and nine chapbooks of poetry. Her forthcoming book Deep City (Noemi, 2015) explores the body and the city as architectures in crisis. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where she teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Kansas and curates the Taproom Poetry Series downtown.

Bonnie Roy is a writer and scholar in Davis, California, where she is completing a dissertation on embodied sense and spatial imagery in American place poetics. She is a co-translator of Jean-Marie Gleize’s Tarnac: A Preparatory Act. Poems from her chapbook Hieronymus Hieronyma, a finalist in the 2014 New Michigan Press / DIAGRAM contest, are forthcoming from Bone Bouquet.

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IMG_2957My Secret Life

Lisa Cattrone

Lisa Cattrone lives in California. She received her BA in philosophy and MFA in poetry both from Saint Mary’s College of California. Her first chapbook, Mutations for Jenny, was also published by Horse Less Press in 2014. Her full-length book entitled simple constructs for the lizzies is forthcoming from Trembling Pillow Press. Her poetry and prose have appeared in many literary journals including Chicago Review, Lemon Hound, The Awl, The Volta, The Claudius App, Volt, Gulf Coast, Denver Quarterly, West Wind Review, Fourteen Hills, and Delirious Hem amongst others. She also has work forthcoming in various places as well as an essay in the Manifesting the Female Epic anthology. She is a teacher and has two children.

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IMG_2884Pony at the Super

Rachael Katz

Rachael Katz works as an artist in residence at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and as a teaching artist for the Just Buffalo Literary Center. Her one-act play Undark debuted at Sugar City in Buffalo, NY in 2014. She is the author of Any Berry You Like (iO Books, 2014) and a Collection (Awst Press, 2015).

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IMG_2882Goal/Tender Meat/Tender

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham holds editorial positions at Fanzine and Action Books. He founded Radioactive Moat Press in 2009 and he currently edits Deluge. His writing can be found in Spork, LIT, Bat City Review, BOAAT, Tarpaulin Sky, DIAGRAM, and others. His translation of Sara Tuss Efrik’s The Night’s Belly (Nattens Mage) was selected as a finalist in the 2015 Goodmorning Menagerie Chapbook-in-Translation contest. His poem-films have been screened in the MAKE Magazine Lit & Luz Festival, Seattle’s INCA: The Institute for New Connotative Action, AWP, and at the Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame.

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Out-of-print chapbooks include Once When a Building Block by Brenda Iijima & Annie Won, To Insist on the ‘Someness’ of Every Assemblage by Kristi Maxwell, Leroy Sequences by Dan Brady, Again(st) Membering by Tony Mancus, Two: (Ghazals) by Judith Roitman, Keen by Lauren Gordon, Life is to Blame for Everything by Frank Sherlock,  /anode a/node an/ode by C.S. Carrier, Might Club by Siel Ju, Hours by Mark Lamoureux, many a holy and obsequious tear by Carolina Maugeri, What Kind of Howly Divine by Jessica Comola, Dillinger on the Beach by Kris Hall, Some Body Some Hollow by Scott Hammer,  : Body Wolf : by Jenny Drai, I Would Be the Happiest Bird by Nikki Wallschlaeger, Oracle or Utopia by Eleni Sikelianos, Mutations for Jenny by Lisa Cattrone, How We Know It Is That by Jen Denrow, Graceries by Travis and JenMarie MacDonald, The Marriage by Annah Browning, Last Difficult Gardens by Paige Taggart, Encino by Chad Scheel, The Dark Mouth of Living by Jenn McCreary, Dollbaby by Megan Burns, Diesel Generator by Bernd Sauermann, Heartpoems by Jess Rowan, from The Blank Caught Fire by Erin McNellis, An Atomic Fact by Maurice Burford, phylum by Laura Goldstein, Diplomancy by Tony Mancus, Harpsichord Hills by Merrill Gilfillan, Oak Knock by Erika Howsare, Essay on Parts of Day by Molly Brodak, Honeybabe, Don’t Leave Me Now by Nathan Hauke, The Other Hand by C.D. Wright, Hunter Monies by Jen Tynes, Up the Shinbone Superlatives by Emily Carr, Terrible + Powerful + Wondrous by Aubrie Marrin, Caught a Bad One by Chad Scheel, Hornbook by Jeffrey Hecker, TRISM by Rebecca Loudon, Coleman Hawkins Ornette Coleman by Norma Cole, May Apple Deep by Michael Sikkema, Deseret by Kirsten Jorgenson, SEWN by Nathan Hauke, Dirt City Lions by Shelly Taylor, Fig 1. by Karen Lepri, I Could Jump Through the Keyhole in Your Door by Michael Sikkema,  A Knee for a Life by Jennifer Denrow, Citizen Jane (-X) Trains for Many Different Kinds of Careers by Daniela Olszewska, The Constitution by Brian Foley, ATM by Christopher Salerno, The Werld by Claire Becker, Anemic Cinema by Thomas Cook, To Be Human is To Be a Conversation by Andrea Rexilius, Shadows Are Weather by Allison Carter, Toward Eadward Forward by Emily Abendroth, A Mule-Shaped Cloud by Chris Tonelli & Sarah Bartlett, Vale Tudo by Sommer Browning, The Photograph by Sampson Starkweather, At Last Unfolding Congo by Alex Lemon, The Julias by Boyd Spahr, Surveyic Hero by Jack Boettcher, Fog Quartets by Julie Doxsee, [Summer_insular] by Justin Marks, Lyric by C.S. Carrier, Phoenix Memory by Kate Schapira, Abraham Lincoln’s Death Scene by Zachary Schomburg, Wind is Wind and Rain is Rain by Brynne, Cinephrastics by Kathleen Ossip, Is Holy by Matthew Henriksen, If Fire, Arrival by Julia Cohen, Canoe by Adam Clay, Winter Constellations by Nate Pritts, Egg Breakfast by Tyler Carter, Ode to Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips by Adam Tobin, Elect June Grooms by Erika Howsare, and Found in Nature by Jen Tynes.