Horse Less Review Spring 2016

8.05.2016 from ℵ (the book of moose) by Mark Russell

8.03.2016 from Moss by Michael Rerick

7.29.2016 Four poems by Travis Cebula

7.27.2016 Six poems from Close Your Eyes by Michael Ruby

7.22.2016 from The Leaving Impulse by Rachel Martin

7.20.2016 from Smudgy by John Myers

7.15.2016 Notes I and II by Michelle Lewis

7.13.2016 Four Poems by Marina Blitshteyn

7.1.2016 This Road Is No Brighter Than The Last Few by Sarah Sgro

6.28.2016 Four Poems by Shawnacy Kiker

6.24.2016 Remembering, I Hazard a Guess by Alex Niemi

6.22.2016 Three Poems by Billie R. Tadros

6.3.2016 “Greetings From” by Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

5.27.2016 Two Poems by David Wojciechowski

5.20.2016 “bonne année” by Carrie Chappell

5.13.2016 Four Poems by Chris McCreary

5.6.2016 Five Poems by Faye Chevalier