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Pre-Order John Colasacco’s TWO TEENAGERS

Two Teenagers FrontJohn Colasacco’s full-length book TWO TEENAGERS will be headed to the printers soon! Thanks to Alban Fischer for the book design. You can read some excerpts from TWO TEENAGERS at Tarpaulin Sky, and you can pre-order a copy now and save yourself a few bucks! We are so excited about this book. John Colasacco’s books include Antigolf (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2015), The Information Crusher (Spuyten Duyvil 2016), and The Wagners (trnsfr books 2017). Anyone interested in written/artistic collaboration can email at


mclennan reviews Schapira’s Handbook for Hands…

Thanks to rob mclennan for this review of Kate Schapira’s Handbook for Hands That Alter As We Hold Them Out. 

Handbook Front Cover

Schapira SPD Bestseller

Hooray to Kate Schapira! Her horse less press book HANDBOOK FOR HANDS THAT ALTER AS WE HOLD THEM OUT is #8 on SPD’s May poetry bestseller list.Handbook Front Cover

Drai responds to Burnout Paradise

IMG_3202Thanks so much to Jenny Drai for this response to Burnout Paradise by Christine Bettis. You can still order a copy of the chapbook here. 

New at HLR: “Greetings From” by Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

New today at HLR: “Greetings From” by Chanice Hughes-Greenberg! 

Order Lauren Brazeal’s exuviae

Lauren Brazeal’s chapbook exuviae is here!


Lauren Brazeal

In her past, Lauren Brazeal has been a homeless gutter-punk, a resident of Ecuador’s Amazon jungle, a maid, a surfer chick, and a custom aquarium designer. She is a graduate of Bennington College’s MFA program in writing and literature. She is the author of one other chapbook, Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters(Dancing Girl Press 2016) and her work has appeared widely in print and online in journals like DIAGRAM, TNY Press’ Electric Encylopedia of Experimental Literautre, Verse Daily, and Painted Bride Quarterly among others. She maintains a website at

Order exuviae via Paypal. 

HLR: David Wojciechowski

New today at Horse Less Review: two poems by David Wojciechowski! 

You wake into darkness but you hear the horse.

The horse is there to ground you.

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HLR: Carrie Chappell

New today at HLR: “bonne année” by Carrie Chappell!


HLR: Chris McCreary

New today at HLR: four poems by Chris McCreary! 

HLR: New work by Faye Chevalier

First up in the spring issue of Horse Less Review, five poems by Faye Chevalier!