We are interested in reviews that overtly, intimately, intensely, and interestingly engage in conversation with authors and their texts. We are interested in reviews that can stand alone. We are excited by reviews of events and multimedia reviews. OPEN started with an emphasis on the open letter as review, but we are now interested in many forms of creative engagement with poetry and cross-genre texts and performances, especially work published by small presses, curated by lesser-known communities, and created by underrepresented writers. OPEN is currently being curated by Jess Rowan, Sarah Cook, and Amorak Huey. Interested in sending review copies or writing a review? Contact them at horselessreviews@gmail.com.


 Judy Halebsky to Dean Rader–

Sarah Cook to TC Tolbert–

Nicole Callihan to Joanna Fuhrman–

Tyler Cain Lacy to Jill Magi–

Amorak Huey to Brian Clements–

Ruth Foley reviews Gary L. McDowell–

Arielle Burgdorf to Laura Oldfield Ford–

Megan Burns to Gina Myers

Carleen Tibbetts to Cynthia Arrieu-King

Kirsten Jorgenson to Danielle Vogel

Jen Tynes to Kirsten Jorgenson

Megan Burns to Carolyn Hembree

Travis Cebula to Hoa Nguyen

Marthe Reed to Danielle Pafunda

Marthe Reed to Kim Gek Lin Short

Jen Tynes to Brenda Sieczkowski

j/j hastain to CA Conrad

Jeff Alessandrelli to Janaka Stucky

Nick Admussen to Jeff Alessandrelli—

j/j hastain to Arielle Guy

Megan Burns to j/j hastain

Michael Sikkema to HR Hegnauer & Bhanu Kapil

Megan Burns & Jen Tynes to Loren Erdrich & Sierra Nelson—

j/j hastain to Travis Macdonald

Nathan Hauke to Megan Burns—

Travis Cebula to Brooklyn Copeland—

Michael Sikkema to Ben Somers—

Daniela Olszewska to Olivia Cronk—


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