Froude reading dates

by Jen Tynes

Richard Froude will be reading in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California this spring, as will Horse Less authors Brian Foley, Zachary Schomburg, Erik Anderson, and Jennifer Denrow. Come out and see them!

April 23rd: Bad Shadow Affair at Lost Lake, Denver, CO, 7:30pm (with Brian Foley & Amy Catanzano)
May 21st: Smorg at The Waypost, Portland, OR, 7:30pm (with Zachary Schomburg & Erik Anderson)
May 22nd: Pilot Books (TBC), Seattle, WA (with Erik Anderson & Jesse Morse)
May 23rd: Bird and Beckett, San Francisco, CA, 7pm (with Jesse Morse & Jennifer Denrow)
May 27th: Slack Lust (email rdfroudeATgmailDOTcom for directions), Los Angeles, CA (with Jesse Morse & Jennifer Denrow)