Thank You Haiku (+ 1 Thank You Haibun): Kate Durbin, Sam Kusnetz, Jeff, Tom Andes, Kristi, Rowland Saifi, Eileen Tabios

by Jen Tynes

Thank you for contributing to our Kickstarter project! Here are your thank you haiku!

Kate Durbin:

Throat full of balloon
said cover it with crevice
version, my straight lace.

Sam Kusnetz:

Circled blue-faced pin
by pin, we passed books until
they looked back at us.


He said bark so still
at least a dozen brothers
peeled white wallpaper.

Tom Andes:

Standing in a fish
light, in the stream fish follow
glowing, story-stunned.

The boy asks why we look up and say hello to each other. I start off, “you know when you’re reading a book, and then you stop reading?” He keeps rubbing at the dimple where it dried.


Paste bottle, eagle
position of fold dairy—
how you say twin loop.

Rowland Saifi:

Normal test bones sound
won’t throw balls, keeps different counts
what a break-in means.

Eileen Tabios:

Her chagrin, a girl
sized neighborhood kid hulas
dirty words, dares you.


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