Thank You Haiku: Jenn, Rachel Y King, Cathryn Cofell, Jason Labbe, Nathan Hauke, Nate Logan, and Janet Holmes

by Jen Tynes

Thank you for contributing to our Kickstarter project! Here are your thank you haiku.


Crackling without need:
power men leave tree branches
turned night-time nurse logs.

Rachel Y. King:

That word’s tangled leash
crosses city parks at night
with odd lake in tow.

Cathryn Cofell:

Radio in child
container. Shake like jelly,
trees. We read ahead.

Jason Labbe:

A tree undertone
is leftover from dinner
and other mouth-feels.

Nathan Hauke:

Stitches found the beer
you sent to the familiar
door, the grass hand shakes.

Nate Logan:

Outside telescope
love and anthill vigilance:
what do you call that?

Janet Holmes:

Boots on a high chair
at mountain yard sale asked me
to give you rhinestones.