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Thank You Haiku, Some More! Seth Segall, Paige Taggart, Kristin Sanders, & Joe Milazzo

Thank you for contributing to our Kickstarter project! Here is your thank you haiku.

Seth Segall

Cage for a cricket
the body keeps suggesting
by turning around.

Paige Taggart

Liking times but not
division, coyote girl
drinks up the profits.

Kristin Sanders

Leftover turtle
shell emits strange sympathy
for busted squirt gun.

Joe Milazzo

Is there a Deer’s Mouth
in butterfly ID book
or’s that a pet name?

Schapira & Olszewska in Chicago

Hey Chicago! Daniela Olszewska & Kate Schapira will be reading together at Myopic Books this Saturday, June 16 at 7 pm. Go hear their good stuff!