A new chapbook to the line-up: What Kind of Howly Divine by Jessica Comola

by Jen Tynes

I promised we’d add a chapbook to our 2014 line-up if our Kickstarter reached $2000, and it did, and we are! We are so excited we get to publish WHAT KIND OF HOWLY DIVINE, a first chapbook from Jessica Comola. Jessica Comola’s poems have previously appeared in Anti-, Everyday Genius, Painted Bride Quarterly, Eccolinguistics, and BOAAT. Today some poems of hers appeared in an amazing issue of Smoking Glue Gun, which also includes work by Horse Less authors and friends Lauren Gordon, Gina Abelkop, Jenn Marie Nunes, and more. As I was typing this update, a poem of hers appeared at Moss Trill. Who knows where she will have published by the time this is posted! 

We will release WHAT KIND OF HOWLY DIVINE this month! If you contribute $15 or more to our Kickstarter, you’ll receive a copy automatically! I am also adding a new $10 reward to our Kickstarter, so you can pre-order Jessica Comola’s WHAT KIND OF HOWLY DIVINE individually. We only have three days left of our campaign, so place your orders now!