Advance praise for Emily Carr’s Up the Shinbone Superlatives

by Jen Tynes

Sarah Vap writes:

In her collection Up The Shinbone Superlatives, with the noun-phantasmagoria of

Gertrude Stein, and the weird-spiritual binary-implosion of William Blake, Emily

Carr opens her stunning throat. And like the Minotaur, she does something that

any hybrid human-animal creature would do when conspired against and trapped

in a labyrinth by the gods—she searches, and so re-defines searching. She

prays, and so re-defines prayer. It’s spectacular, but it’s not pretty. And it’s not

supplicant. And it’s not what you think:

squashed angels splay                                        minotaur wings,

little petticoats of rain shred whatever surrounds.

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