Full Chapbook Line-Up for 2014

by Jen Tynes

We received so many amazing chapbook manuscripts this time (around 130 of them, about 60% from women and 40% from men) and had to say no to so many fabulous things. Here are the fabulous things that we got to say yes to and will be making in 2014.

SPRING 2014:

I Would Be the Happiest Bird // Nikki Wallschlaeger

: Body Wolf : // Jenny Drai

Many a Holy & Obsequious Tear // Carolina Maugeri

Some Body Some Hollow // Scott Hammer

Dillinger on the Beach // Kris Hall


SUMMER 2014:

To Insist on the “Someness” of Every Assemblage // Kristi Maxwell

/anode a/node an/ode // C.S. Carrier

Might Club // Siel Ju

Hours // Mark Lamoureux

Once When a Building Block // Brenda Iijima & Annie Won


FALL 2014:

Two: (ghazals) // Judith Roitman

Life is to Blame for Everything // Frank Sherlock

Leroy Sequences // Dan Brady

Keen // Lauren Gordon

Again(st) Membering // Tony Mancus


All books will be available for individual order when they’re released. If you really want to be our sweethearts, you can order them by seasonal bundle ($30/season) or subscribe to the entire year ($75 for 15 chapbooks).

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