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Pre-Order Kirsten Jorgenson’s SEDIMENT & VEIL via Horse Less’s spring Kickstarter!

Friends, thank you so much for your support so far. We are almost 60% funded, with about ten days to go to raise $700. 

Did you know that we will be publishing Kirsten Jorgenson’s first full-length book, SEDIMENT & VEIL, this September/October? Kirsten Jorgenson is from Salt Lake City, Utah, via Chicago, Illinois. She is also the author of two chapbooks, Deseret (Horse Less Press, 2011) and Accidents of Distance (Dancing Girl Press, 2012), and coauthor of the poetics chapbook Country Music (DoubleCross Press, 2013). She lives in Western North Carolina with her son, dog, and partner, Nathan Hauke, with whom she coedits Ark Press and cocurates the Ark Press Summer Reading Series.

You can read her talking about writing and hear her read some new work in this interview we did with Pepper Luboff at OmniVerse. You can also see an excerpt from SEDIMENT & VEIL here. Please visit our Kickstarter page and pre-order your copy of SEDIMENT & VEIL today!   

Check out MOSS TRILL

MOSS TRILL is featuring so many horse less authors, editors, and friends right now! Check out work by Megan Kaminski, Tim Earley, Michael Sikkema, Stephanie Anderson, Nava Fader, Carrie Hunter, Mary Kasimor, rob mclennan, and more more more! 

Congrats Jenny Drai! Work by Siel Ju, Lauren Gordon, and Judith Roitman! Help Kickstart Horse Less!

Congratulations to Horse Less author Jenny Drai, whose novella LETTERS TO QUINCE won the Deerbird Novella Prize from Artistically Declined Press and will be published in 2015! Drai’s horse less chapbook : BODY WOLF : is one of many chapbooks you can purchase via our spring Kickstarter campaign. 

This summer, we’ll be published Siel Ju’s chapbook MIGHT CLUB. Siel Ju’s work has recently appeared in Drunken Boat, Leveler, and Toad.    

This fall we’ll be publishing the chapbook TWO: (GHAZALS) by Judith Roitman, whose work has recently appeared in Talisman,  Yew, and in Horse Less Review; and the chapbook KEEN by Lauren Gordon, whose work has recently appeared at Escape Into Life

Check out our full chapbook line-up on our Kickstarter page, and then order a spring, summer, or fall chapbook subscription! Each seasonal subscription is only $30 for five chapbooks, or you can order the entire year’s run for only $75.