Last Chance for some 2014-15 chapbooks!

by Jen Tynes

A handful of our older chapbooks are about to go out of print! Until that happens, we’re offering them at a discount. Order any two chapbooks listed below for $10 and no shipping cost! Just remember to tell us which two chapbooks you want. These books, and this price, will be available until October 15:

Last Difficult Gardens, Paige Taggart

The Marriage, Annah Browning

Graceries, Travis & JenMarie Macdonald

How We Know It Is That, Jen Denrow

Mutations for Jenny, Lisa Cattrone

Oracle Or, Utopia, Eleni Sikelianos

I Would Be the Happiest Bird, Nikki Wallschlaeger

: Body Wolf :, Jenny Drai

Some Body, Some Hollow, Scott Hammer

Dillinger on the Beach, Kris Hall

What Kind of Howly Divine, Jessica Comola

many a holy and obsequious tear, Carolina Maugeri

Hours, Mark Lamoureux

Might Club, Siel Ju

/anode a/node an/ode, C.S. Carrier