Pre-Order Kristi Maxwell’s PLAN/K

by Jen Tynes

We are so excited to say that we have sent the files to the printers, and Kristi Maxwell’s full-length collection PLAN/K will be forthcoming from Horse Less Press in November! Thank you to Alban Fischer for his amazing design work. Now is your chance to pre-order your own copy, for $14 and free shipping! Your pre-orders help our small press offset the cost of printing – we couldn’t do it without you!


About PLAN/K, Tyrone Williams writes

Following in a long line of acts of piracy by women writers (Kathy Acker’s Pussy, King of the Pirates), Kristi Maxwell proves herself a masterful ventriloquist. Slipping her hand into through a card game (Royalty), a children’s book, historical documents on sea pirates, and Treasure Island, Maxwell speaks, strikes, through double entendres, puns, homonyms, and jokes—all the devices scorned by the “original” pirates of linguistic, cultural and political power.