November is almost gone!

by Jen Tynes

Happy Monday! November is disappearing. Need some poetry to help you with December?

Maybe you need to pick up a copy of Kristi Maxwell’s newly-released PLAN/K? 


Perhaps you haven’t yet gotten our most recent chapbook release, Claudia Cortese’s The Red Essay & Other Histories? 


It’s also about time to start thinking about pre-orders and subscriptions for 2016! Like Jessica Comola’s everything we met changed form & followed the rest:

Comola - Cover front

You can pre-order Everything We Met Changed Form & Followed the Rest now! 

Or, can subscribe to our 2016 full-length book catalog, which includes seven books:

Everything We Met Changed Form and Followed the Rest, by Jessica Comola

High Life, by Phil Estes

Handbook for Hands that Alter as We Hold Them Out , by Kate Schapira

Two Teenagers, by John Colasacco

Lands of Yield, by Stephanie Anderson

Ic, by Serena Chopra

The Somnambulist, by Lara Montes

Thank you for appreciating poetry! It appreciates you back!