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New titles by Jessica Comola, Megan Burns, and Christine Bettis!

We are so excited to announce three new additions to our catalog!

First, we are prouder than punch (?) to publish Jessica Comola’s very first full-length book, EVERYTHING WE MET CHANGED FORM & FOLLOWED THE REST. Comola is from Austin, Texas. She has an MFA from the University of Mississippi and is currently working towards a PhD from the University of Denver. Evie Shockley says of this book, “Jessica Comola’s debut collection marks her as a poet for whom language is stranger than truth. Her ear tells her things the eye cannot perceive, and she shares those rarely heard cadences with us.” EVERYTHING WE MET CHANGED FORM & FOLLOWED THE REST is available for order now.



We are also so so so happy to announce new chapbooks by Megan Burns and Christine Bettis!

Megan Burns is the publisher at Trembling Pillow Press and the author of three full-length collections available from Lavender Ink. She directs the Blood Jet Poetry Series in New Orleans. Her collection The Poetics of Nicki Minaj & 30 Days of Weezy is forthcoming. You can now order her chapbook SLEEPWALK WITH ME, “poems crafted for a Laura Palmer dollbaby performance.”



Christine Bettis is a poet in the MFA program at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She is from Detroit. Of her new chapbook, Bettis writes, “BURNOUT PARADISE is a series of diseased poems that drives itself into an IRL/online hybrid grid,  full of danger, symptomatic loops, and decaying layers in pursuit of the cure.” You can order BURNOUT PARADISE now. 



FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO OWN ALL THREE OF THESE BOOKS? Bless you. You can get them at a discount by picking up the bundle! 

from TACT by Lily Duffy

New at HLR today: an excerpt from TACT by Lily Duffy! 

Sometimes, it really is as if I am two—the neighbor coughing and spitting on his patio for a combined half of every hour, which, from inside our house at the opposite end, I can hear as if I’m sitting right beside him, and I am mad, distracted, disgusted, but then someone entirely else comes in feeling sad, sorry, forgiving, and when that else enters I think, yes, of course, and after that, cannot remember feeling any other way, forget there are other ways to feel.

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