New books by Ahmunet Jessica Jordon and John Colasacco!

by Jen Tynes

We’re so excited to announce our June book releases (on July 1st…it was a busy month)!

Now available at Horse Less Press: Ahmunet Jessica Jordon’s chapbook BLACK AND. BLUE. PRINTS and John Colasacco’s full-length book Two Teenagers. 


Ahmunet Jessica Jordon is a lesbian poet and educator from Baltimore. Her stories investigate Black experience, speak to the human condition and the raw residue of lust and sexuality. She received her MFA in Writing and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, is a VONA 2015 fellow, and currently resides as adjunct faculty in CIIS’s MFA Programs. Cover design for Jordon’s chapbook is by Nye’ Lyn Tho. Order BLACK AND. BLUE. PRINTS via Paypal. 

John Colasacco’s books include Antigolf (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2015), The Information Crusher (Spuyten Duyvil 2016), Two Teenagers (Horse Less Press 2016), and The Wagners (Transfr Books 2017). Anyone interested in written/artistic collaboration can email at Cover art by Christie Maclean and interior composition by Alban Fischer. Order Two Teenagers via Paypal.