New titles by Serena Chopra & Stephanie Anderson!

Serena Chopra’s IC and Stephanie Anderson’s Lands of Yield are finally here, and we’re so excited!


Sueyeun Juliette Lee says of IC by Serena Chopra:

Serena Chopra’s Ic mourns our difficult inheritances and longs after a soaring union with our greatest desires. In her text, “Ic” is a discarded Icarus, adrift among the waves and re-identified as flotsam or jetsam for divers to collect. She recounts Icarus’ tale as a denunciation of a world that gives us wings while demanding that we limit our skies. Chopra acknowledges that this ”Ic” is recognizable to so many of us, whose talents, dreams, and gifts have been pulled down by limiting social histories. In this world, gravity is a “vertical conspiracy.” Yet “Ic” is also a body of possibility: “Ic” is a suffix adrift, free from the words it once modified. Ic bobs and melts into a sonic celebration, demonstrating how illegibility can transform into fluid alterities. Ic cries out to us all–with a full throat that syncopatedly gasps and gives lyric flight.

You can order IC via our catalog or through SPD.

Stephanie Anderson’s Lands of Yield is

A dated “poemlogue,” transcribing Tokyo’s fantastic sensorium via rigid syllabics and mutating form. In dialogue with Joe Brainard’s I Remember, Bernadette Mayer’s early durational works, and various diaries, the text also forays into other geographies and temporalities. “What use are these measured clues?” Anderson asks. What’s worth putting down, when the documentation is too voluminous to match up to memory? “Did I mention the mottled windows?” “Who is the document’s intended recipient?” “What are you reading now?” “Did I ask it in a dream?” “What would the clear material be?”

You can order Lands of Yield via our catalog or through SPD.