j/j hastain to Arielle Guy

Dear Arielle,

So, I have intuition about the Three of your Three Geogaophies—but the geogaophies? Looked it up in three different dictionaries (including my urban dictionary). An intentional misspell? Geogaophies-hmm—perhaps geography meets gauge in an age of trophies? No, that can’t be it.

Now, when I approach the Grimoire aspect, I know of the spell-book piece. But, what about memoir meets grim, soggy. Grim is to grave, without the possibility of a grin on the other side of it (“the magic that censors itself”).

What is it to move through a tri-space obsessed (in the form of lyric: “in the glossiness of the cave” / “apology a rose staining everything”), with engaging those three spaces? This Milkmaid book is a triptych, because the three slats do relate, but they relate because of the tone that is being used to describe them, and not because there is any exclusivity, inherently shared between them. In other words, what makes the three sections of this book whole (or a version of whole) is their relation to you, Arielle.

The phrase as smooth as a milkmaids skin came about due to milking women’s exposure to cowpox (which does not cause serious symptoms, but which does create in the body exposed to it, an immunity (“the trick here is to pack as much lemon into the bitter as possible”) to the disease smallpox. Due to this, milkmaids did not have the often scarred complexion of those who had survived smallpox.

Dear Milkmaid—have you been stripped of your sails? Does your being in proximity to certain dangers, allow you immunity to others (“best way to die of grief and reappear” / “soured bout in the templeyard)? Do you get your wishes granted (“what is made is made and made over again”) as you wade face first through the “group of skeleton whales,” through ladies in their “frantic robe[s],” through these “dampened lovers”? Are their creams covering your hands now like sensuous gloves?

The pulpy conundrums of your relations move me. Bring me (with you) into these creams, these “pearls before plums.”

j/j hastain writes: Sometimes my orgasms (that I have psychically) while in my dreams are so intense, fast, somatic. Rapturous. Almost like symptoms. Symptoms of what? When I wake up, there is often disappointment in regard to my physical form. How it is just there. Mild.