Horse Less Press Reading Period

by Jen Tynes

Don’t forget! Less than two weeks left to send us your full-length manuscript.

Horse Less Press is reading submissions for a full-length book of poetry or mixed-genre work. Manuscripts should be between 60-120 pages and submitted via submishmash. No print or email submissions will be accepted. Simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions, and collaborative submissions are all accepted. Please notify us if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Manuscripts will receive a blind reading.

Please upload manuscripts in PDF format. Please do not include your name, contact information, or acknowledgements. A reading fee of $20 entitles you to any book from our catalog (including the book chosen through this reading period). Please note which book you’d like to receive. A $10 reading fee does not entitle you to a book, but supports our press and allows us to continue publishing great work. We thank you.

Manuscripts will be accepted May 15 – June 15, and publication decisions will be announced in August. The selected manuscript will be published in 2012, and the author will receive 25 copies of their book.

Submit your good work here.