O P E N: Notes & Letters of Review

by Jen Tynes

Horse Less is launching a new reviews page! 

We are interested in reviews that overtly, intimately, intensely, and interestingly engage in conversation with authors and their texts. We are interested in reviews that can stand alone. Reviews submitted for O P E N should be written as open notes (250-500 words) or letters (500+ words) to the author(s) of the reviewed text. Open notes and letters that address the text itself or some animal, vegetable, mineral, character, or characteristic of the text are also interesting to us. We are excited by reviews of events and multimedia reviews. Notes and letters will be published here on an occasional basis.

Reviewers: to indicate your interest, request a review copy, or submit a review, contact Jen Tynes or Michael Sikkema at openlettershlp@gmail.com.

Reviewees: review copies may be sent to 741 Fountain St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Queries are welcome at openlettershlp@gmail.com. We are interested in books, chapbooks, journals, printed and electronic works and recordings of all types.

Review copy list coming soon! Help us develop it by sending texts and requests.