Review Copies & Recent Acquisitions!

by Jen Tynes

Below is a partial list of books we’ve just received & would love to find someone to review. Some we already have review copies of & others we’d be happy to request a review copy sent your way. Email openlettershlp@gmail if you’re interested in writing a review for O P E N!

RE- by Kristi Maxwell (Ahsahta)

Collection by Megan Kaminski (Dusie)

The World Will Deny It For You by Janaka Stucky (Ahsahta)

SLOT by Jill Magi (Ugly Duckling)

Rimbaud’s Poems by Maurice Burford (Grey Book)

suite prelude a/h1n1 by Jose Eugenio Sanchez, Trans. by Anna Rosen Guerico (Toad)

In the Ice House by Genevieve Kaplan (Red Hen Press)

Peaches & Bats #9

Home Visit by Aaron Lowinger (house press)

Diving Headlong Into A Cliff Of Our Own Delusion by JodiAnn Stephenson (Saucebox)

This Landscape by Paige Ackerson-Kiely & Adie Russell (Argos)

Fieldwork: Notes, Songs, Poems 1997-2010 by David Hadbawnik (Blazevox)

Glossematics, Thus by Brenda Iijima (Least Weasel Chapbooks)

Aquinas & the Mississippi by  Garin Cycholl and William Allegrezza (Furniture Press)

irrational knowledge by Megan Burns (Fell Swoop)