Thank You Haikus: Valerie Loveland, Moe & Jess, Susan, Hazel McClure, Peter Murphy, Kathleen Ossip, Lilamini Neel, Shakespeare, Curtis Perdue

by Jen Tynes

Thank you all for your contributions to our Kickstarter project! Here are your haiku!

Valerie Loveland:

Raining, a radish
peppers you with how-to, list
announces its end.

Moe & Jess:

Photograph glasses
in whole cross-country: purring
makeshift ignition.


If mistranslated
the little red-head of dreams
turns out red-handed.

Hazel McClure (Take 1):

Chicken wings so rule
Give me all your chicken wings—
(Dagan helped with this.)

Hazel McClure (Take 2):

D’s story: a boy
spells broccoli wrong throughout
the book, but it’s fine.

Peter Murphy:

The number of pots
burnt through the bottom: at night
he’s always sandwiched.

Kathleen Ossip:

No one knew the dog
every film projected on
its white side, cloud bust.

Lilamini Neel:

Turnip pictures one
way to disappear  a night
pocketed, in need.


the dog takes it line by line
at our feet: A+.

Curtis Perdue:

Take the Roman out
of the word sounds: still feathers
quiver on the birds.


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