Thank You Haiku Cont.: Carrie Olivia Adams, Joe Harrington, Krystal Languell, Sarah Madsen, Zarah, Karl & Bonnie, Rob MacDonald, Adrian Klein, Pia Simone Garber, David Hadbawnik, Reb Livingston, Selah Saterstrom, Jennifer Pilch, Karen Gans, Caroline Whitbeck, Noah Eli Gordon, Mark Liebergall, Ada Books, Brenda Iijima, Phyllis Nauts

by Jen Tynes

Thank you so much for contributing to our Kickstarter project! Here is your thank you haiku (summer edition)!

Carrie Olivia Adams:

Spelunker cousin
blowing dandelion fluff
as conversation.

Joe Harrington:

Waking up at five
to transmit the news scratched
costume jewelry voice.

Krystal Languell:

Lonely first lightning
bug, Fiskars clippers night when
all shrubs grow antlers.

Sarah Madsen:

So hot for sprinklers
and dabbler in half-painted
yard sale self portraits.


Box fan black out, leaves
going forest color, trees
cut out of phone calls.

Karl & Bonnie:

One more construction
held together with blanket
folding, cursive mouth.

Rob MacDonald:

A slowing down car
has your name on it, flowers
dirty like beefsteaks.

Adrian Klein:

Sour campers’ headlamps
shoot cross fire, count their unsaid
words like deer sightings.

Pia Simone Garber:

Soft bandana takes
a wrong turn, blue to the gills
with borrowed fire wood.

David Hadbawnik:

Roses, a circus
of ladies willing to touch
up grass’s dead patch.

Reb Livingston:

Cracked up tinderbox
means smoke will always follow
its double features.

Selah Saterstrom:

Car parts, biggest hair
tween can balance, a bird call
or no bird at all.

Jennifer Pilch:

Gather enough masks
to make a privacy fence
moot, says dream blue jay.

Karen Gans:

Tigerlily screen
in between robin and sense
of movie timing.

Caroline Whitbeck:

Unraveling eye
contact tangles with fossil
knowledge, charcoal songs.

Noah Eli Gordon:

If I can’t surprise
the mirror with watery
fruits raccoons will do.

Mark Liebergall:

Black snake tractor pull
surrealist comes to rescue
ramshackle tree line.

Ada Books:

Jar full of pinecones
tipped over on playing field:
my new love interest.

Brenda Iijima:

That dry mouth don’t want
anything but heat lightning
love, buckwheat pillows.

Phyllis Nauts:

Buck eye recipes
might keep you guessing the wrong
lost knock-knock dreamscape.