Pre-Order Rebecca Loudon’s TRISM

by Jen Tynes

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Rebecca Loudon is the author of Radish King and Cadaver Dogs. She lives in Seattle and teaches violin lessons to children.



from TRISM:

“When the jailer reached for Jacks’ arrest files the boys dug a stub of pencil from their pockets and wrote their names in a Red Chief notebook first JACKS first HUNGER first WORDS. Trism Bear drank water in cupped paws enchanted with a false past. Alices disentangled hanging strands of kelp stuck to their legs compounded by femaleness being alien not women in the eyes of the village they transformed into layers the fucked the suffering mother the mayonnaise and white bread sandwich none of it good not a damned bit. Trism Bear trained himself as a tattoo artist plied his trade with lower demons and used car salesmen turned down no one became famous for delicate attention to detail and his fearful laugh.”