Now shipping! TRISM by Rebecca Loudon

by Jen Tynes

In the spooky blue light of morning, Rebecca Loudon’s TRISM was photographed and added to the catalog. Order your copy right now! Here’s what some smart and talented poets are saying about it:

Composed through the fractures of spirit, body and soul, TRISM enters the realm of “King of the First Brutal Memory” with the confrontation of a child’s death. Loudon presents the reader with a shattered mosaic of human cruelty and coldness where the mother’s milk is poison and the only solace found is in “animal quiet” and “contradiction grace.” Wild as in untamed, wild as in carnal, wild as in frenzied, TRISM responds to childhood trauma and betrayal with a stunning primal benevolence.
–Reb Livingston

Rebecca Loudon’s TRISM is a wicked revelation of secrets and betrayals in a world beyond the
mirror glass. Follow the forgotten Alices and abandoned Jacks of fairy tale lore as they negotiate the strangeness and terror of love, memory and sexuality, watched over by the enigmatic Trism Bear, on their journey to transformation. Rebecca Loudon’s poetry is a dark spell — heart-stoppingly good.
–Ivy Alvarez