Horse Less Press

More Forthcoming Chapbook Announcements

We are so happy to announce that Horse Less will be publishing the following chapbooks in 2014:

Might Club by Siel Ju

Hours by Mark Lamoureux

Some Body Some Hollow by Scott Hammer

Again(st) Membering by Tony Mancus

We’ll also be publishing chapbooks by Jenny Drai, Nikki Wallschlaeger, Kristi Maxwell, and Dan Brady, as announced earlier this month. We haveĀ  more manuscripts to read during our open reading period, and we’re still accepting submissions until the end of the month! Submit your manuscript here.

Advance Praise for Sara, or The Existence of Fire by Russ Woods

Dena Rash Guzman writes:

Sara’s father is a wolf. Her dog is a miracle. These little poem-stories are feral in content but meticulous in construction. They are little miracles adding up to the sum of a beautiful storybook.


Pre-order Russ Woods’ Sara, or the Existence of Fire and the rest of our 2014 catalog here.