AWP Readings & Horse Less Subscription Packages

by Jen Tynes


Horse Less will not be at AWP, but some of our 2014 book authors will! Check out magical, wonderful John Duvernoy and Tim Earley reading at an off-site event hosted by Free Verse Editions on Friday, 5-6:30. AT THE SAME TIME, wonderful Pattie McCarthy will be reading for Apogee Press, so maybe learn to bi-locate. If you can’t, though, Pattie will also be reading on Saturday night at 6 with our very best friends Bloof, Coconut, and Alice Blue. We would give non-essential body parts to be at that event.

Before you go spending all your book money, you may want to reserve some upcoming Horse Less books and chapbooks. Pattie McCarthy’s Nulls and Tim Earley’s Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery will soon cease to be available at the discounted pre-order price. Order the pair together for a brilliant $24 and free shipping. OR, pre-order all five of our 2014 full-length books, including books by Russ Woods, John Duvernoy, and Kirsten Jorgenson, for an even more brilliant $55 and free shipping.

You may also want to get a jump on our 2014 chapbook run! See pre-ordering information here.