Our 2015 Full-Length Book Catalog

by Jen Tynes

Friends, we are so happy to announce our full-length print book catalog for 2015. From our open reading period, we chose two manuscripts:

The Jitters by Anne Cecelia Holmes

Here You Are by Sara Peck and Jared Joseph

In 2015 we will also be publishing two manuscripts we solicited from two favorite writers already known to us:

Houses by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Every Living One by Nathan Hauke

I am happy to say that our Kickstarter campaign has broken the $2400 mark which means, as promised, we will also be releasing a full-length e-book next year; I will update you on that as soon as we’ve made a final decision! There are still 36 more hours left for our Kickstarter campaign; if you want to pre-order Jessica Comola’s chapbook What Kind of Howly Divine, pick up a subscription, or generally show your love, you can still do that! We appreciate you all so very very much and are so excited by all the poetry we have gotten to read and are going to get to help share with the world.