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rob mclennan interviews Pattie McCarthy

There’s a lovely interview between rob mclennan and Pattie McCarthy over at Touch the Donkey’s blog, in which she speaks a little about nulls:

Nulls mostly came out of my process of learning about autism— it is most definitely not about the experience of being autistic, because I don’t know what that is like— it’s about learning a new language, a new history, a new culture. I thought there was a sliver of space in which I could write that book, & I hope I successfully maintained that position throughout. Do I think there are ethical & empathetic ways to include the words & experiences & worlds of our children in our work? Yes. Do I always succeed in being ethical & empathetic about it? No. I know I do not. But I hope I treat them as worthy collaborators always.

John Duvernoy at the KQED Pop Blog

Horse Less Press and John Duvernoy’s book SOMETHING IN THE WAY // OBSTRUCTION BLUES get a nice mention by Laura Schadler at KQED’s Pop Blog:

Maybe it’s the cumulative alchemy of all these written words appearing in tangible form on my doorstep lately, but I’m starting to feel like there are choices I can make as a reader and consumer that matter. Horse Less is a small press that often relies on pre-orders to make its books a reality, creating a direct and essential relationship between the publisher, writer and audience. John is an old friend, and his email that informed me of his exciting publication news and how to pre-order his book sat in my inbox for a while. It seemed tricky. I had to go to a website that wasn’t Amazon and I had to buy the book and then wait many months for it to arrive. But I’m so glad I figured it out because when it finally did arrive, it made my brain feel like someone set a firecracker off inside it (in a good way). I read it in one sitting, turning back to certain lines again and again. It occurred to me that I would like my brain to feel like firecrackers are going off inside it more often. Also, in some small way, I helped this beautiful thing exist, which made reading it all the more special.

New Reviews of Earley, Duvernoy, and Drai!

Summer crept in, and I have been remiss in keeping you updated. In the last week or two, some great reviews of horse less books have materialized on the internet. Check out Connor Childers’ review of Tim Earley’s POEMS DESCRIPTIVE OF RURAL LIFE AND SCENERY, Christopher Margolin’s review of Jenny Drai’s :: BODY WOLF ::, and Dave Wheeler’s review of John Duvernoy’s SOMETHING IN THE WAY // OBSTRUCTION BLUES. Thanks, y’all! We’re happy to send out review copies to interested parties, and we’d especially love to see more reviews by women. Be in touch with if you’re interested!