John Duvernoy at the KQED Pop Blog

by Jen Tynes

Horse Less Press and John Duvernoy’s book SOMETHING IN THE WAY // OBSTRUCTION BLUES get a nice mention by Laura Schadler at KQED’s Pop Blog:

Maybe it’s the cumulative alchemy of all these written words appearing in tangible form on my doorstep lately, but I’m starting to feel like there are choices I can make as a reader and consumer that matter. Horse Less is a small press that often relies on pre-orders to make its books a reality, creating a direct and essential relationship between the publisher, writer and audience. John is an old friend, and his email that informed me of his exciting publication news and how to pre-order his book sat in my inbox for a while. It seemed tricky. I had to go to a website that wasn’t Amazon and I had to buy the book and then wait many months for it to arrive. But I’m so glad I figured it out because when it finally did arrive, it made my brain feel like someone set a firecracker off inside it (in a good way). I read it in one sitting, turning back to certain lines again and again. It occurred to me that I would like my brain to feel like firecrackers are going off inside it more often. Also, in some small way, I helped this beautiful thing exist, which made reading it all the more special.