Sturgeon Supermoon Sale!

by Jen Tynes

sturgeon-moonWe are working hard on a whole new bundle of horse less chapbooks by Carolina Maugeri, Annie Won and Brenda Iijima, C.S. Carrier, Mark Lamoureux, Kristi Maxwell, and Siel Ju. Look for them ALL by the end of summer!

In the meantime, we have some great deals for you. From now until the next supermoon (Aug 10), stock up on horse less books!

Get any three chapbooks from the catalog for $20 + free shipping.

Order IN THE KEY OF THOSE WHO CAN NO LONGER ORGANIZE THEIR ENVIRONMENTS by Stephanie Anderson, THE DISAPPEARING COWBOY TRICK by Kristin Abraham, THE SOFT PLACE by Kate Schapira, IT MIGHT TURN OUT WE ARE REAL by Susan Scarlata, or FABRIC: PRELUDE TO THE LAST AMERICAN BOOK by Richard Froude for only $10 each + free shipping.