Retiring some 2013 Chapbooks

by Jen Tynes

The following, fantastic horse less chapbooks will be going out of print at the end of the year so we can have a 2015! If you’d like a copy, order one now:

Encino by Chad Scheel, The Dark Mouth of Living by Jenn McCreary, Dollbaby by Megan Burns, Diesel Generator by Bernd Sauermann, Heartpoems by Jess Rowan, from The Blank Caught Fire by Erin McNellis, An Atomic Fact by Maurice Burford, phylum by Laura Goldstein, Diplomancy by Tony Mancus, Harpsichord Hills by Merrill Gilfillan, Oak Knock by Erika Howsare, Essay on Parts of Day by Molly Brodak, Honeybabe, Don’t Leave Me Now by Nathan Hauke, The Other Hand by C.D. Wright, and Hunter Monies by Jen Tynes