Pre-order Nathan Hauke’s EVERY LIVING ONE

by Jen Tynes

We are looking at first proofs of Nathan Hauke’s Every Living One right now, scheduled to be released in February, and we are so excited. We’ll be sharing the cover image soon. In the meantime, did you know you can pre-order Every Living One? See Hauke’s work at the Lost Roads blogTYPOSPORK, and E-RATIO and read more about ELO below; then secure your copy! 

Composed through the accumulation and solve of discrete interwoven series, EVERY LIVING ONE attends to presence rent by attachment and loss—creation entrusted to itself, further bewildered by text(s) and belief. It picks through the razor briar of “born-again” religious rhetoric and junks the abstraction of transcendentalism to embrace visionary experience, cleaving to practice grounded in relinquishment and acts of salvage that accompany the transformative threshold of edges.


“What if the secret heart of rural America were a still waiting, an all-but-silent psalm?  These lyrics are delicate, involuted fossils of a trance-like attention that somehow does not exclude chronic underemployment, neighbors up on assault charges, and other vicissitudes of contemporary rural living.  In the tradition of C.D. Wright, besmilr brigham, and perhaps Lorine Niedecker above all, these are poems ‘learning the mirror and field guide,’ becoming ‘a process of mapping’—not just of place, but also of being-in-place, an angled consciousness that pares itself away even as the lines all but dissolve on the reader’s sympathetic eye-tongue.” —G.C. Waldrep

EVERY LIVING ONE will be released in February, 2015. Pre-order your copy now via Paypal.