PLEDGE DRIVE by Susan Scarlata

by Jen Tynes

In honor of our spring subscription/pre-order drive, Horse Less Press authors have written some occasional poems! First up, Susan Scarlata, fantastic poet & editor of Lost Roads Press.

We have no tote bags, coffee mugs, or sweatshirts. Just good poems. Please get yourself some books and chapbooks! 


-Susan Scarlata

The tough
part about
the pledge
drive on the
radio is listening
to people not
otherwise prone
to talk of no-
thing just
talk and talk
and talk about
nothing, about
what you will
get when you
pledge. Usually
it’s a mug, you
get a mug for
your pledge. Or
if it’s not a mug,
it’s a tote bag.
Lately it’s a tote
bag you get in ex-
change for your
money. Pledge
in this context
means money
not thought or
heart or dining-
room table
cleaner, which
are all other
ways to under-
stand the word.
Recently J pledged
and was almost
talked into pledging
more to get a
sweatshirt. She
would have paid
more for that
sweatshirt than
any other, but
“It would have
been a sweat-
shirt that
came with
a pledge.”