Pre-Order Paul Cunningham’s Goal/Tender Meat/Tender!

by Jen Tynes

Dear readers, our spring pre-order and subscription drive is off to a slow start, but we’re confident you can get us caught up! Your pre-orders make what we do possible, so thank you thank you. Our first chapbook of the summer will be Paul Cunningham’s amazing Goal/Tender Meat/Tender, for which he has made this terrific trailer.

You can pre-order Goal Tender/Meat Tender now, as part of our summer chapbook subscription, which also includes Pony at the Super by Rachael Katz, Seven to December by Megan Kaminski and Bonnie Roy, Dirty Party Poems by Kiley McLaughlin, and My Secret Life by Lisa Cattrone. It’s only $35 and free shipping in the US! Do it now! We will be so grateful, and you will be so happy to get these amazing books.