Tony Mancus’ “Pledge Drive”

by Jen Tynes

Here’s another excerpt from our forthcoming collab chapbook PLEDGE DRIVE! You can order it, and a lot of other great books, via our spring pre-order and subscription drive, which ends Friday! We are $625 away from our goal; thanks for helping us make books happen!

Pledge Drive

Tony Mancus

You put your foot to the pedal and through the floor.
There is something discotheques get right when
the light pours in. It’s only the beginning
once. Until the song and whatever noise comes
again. Swearing up and down your foot is
heavy. Thanking god or some economic
country song for genetic manipulation.
How we get swung out across the floors
the thump of bass into this kind arc above
the land – this how-to-reach-distant-places.
In a box or tube packed full of paper.
Some like it with explosives, the forest
full of combustible trees. You are an-
imal among the yawns, a fern pressed firm
again in slate. It’s late. There is the world
out there, we are told how it is as we
continue singing in it, sitting on our bets
placed for many years in the pedal growing
its own limp, its high cut fields and ruts
where the axe will admire any snap
able piece swapped out from the rust. The rest
is just filling orders, a point the sky
forgets as it dumps its light all over.