2015 Full-Length Book Subscription

In the first half of 2015, Horse Less Press will be publishing four full-length books:


Every Living One by Nathan Hauke

See Hauke’s work at the Lost Roads blog, TYPO, SPORK, and E-RATIO.

here you are by Sara Peck and Jared Joseph

See work by Joseph at SPORK and Ohio Edit and work by Sara Peck at Thrush Poetry Journal and Bayou Magazine.

HOUSES by Nikki Wallschlaeger

See Wallschlaeger’s work at Coconut, Verse Wisconsin, Likewise Folio, and Voice Mail Poems.

The Jitters by Anne Cecelia Holmes

See Holmes’ work at Birdfeast, H_NGM_N, ILK, and iO: A Journal of New American Poetry.


You can subscribe now and receive all four full-length books for $55.


For $65, a gift subscription will include a mini-broadside + full information on the fabulous gifts forthcoming, sent to you or the recipient of your choice.



We are a micro-press with no outside funding; we rely on your pre-orders and subscriptions to offset the cost of printing and design. We thank you SO MUCH for support of and interest in these amazing books.