Horse Less Review #17

Horse Less Review #17

Guest Edited by Megan Burns


Amulet Novel // Laynie Browne

a nother/anaphora // Vincent A. Cellucci

Versus Verses HORSELESS v HEADSMAN mix // Brett Evans

The Poem in which I Forgot to put a Light Switch & Blackout // Kallie Falandays

from h o l l o s o n g s // jared hayes

Sears Catalog Girl Grants V. Cleb the Spiritual Gifts of Flight and X-ray Vision // Carolyn Hembree

Propaganda for Fucking or, A Pleroma & Apophony // Carrie Hunter

Having Been Built to Be Functional // Susan Landers

from Keep, “signs” // Deborah Poe

Binx’s Blues (6-9) // Marthe Reed

two poems // Kristin Sanders

three poems // Jordan Soyka

Two Songs Derived from the Plastics Catalog of Allison Cobb, “Lisee I’m making you a dowel board,” & “If I am an old” // Chris Sullivan