Pre-order single chapbooks from 2015 series

by Jen Tynes

Your asked for it and we said sure. We added an option on our Kickstarter page so that you can pre-order any single chapbook from our 2015 summer and fall series. For $10, support Horse Less and order your copy of

Pony at the Super by Rachael Katz

Goal/Tender Meat/Tender by Paul Cunningham

Seven to December by Megan Kaminski & Bonnie Roy

My Secret Life by Lisa Cattrone

Dirty Party Poems by Kiley McLaughlin

Sleeptalk or Not at All by Emily Brandt

Two Truths and a Lie by Leah Rogin-Roper

Red Essay and Other Histories by Claudia Cortese

Trembling Ourselves into Trees by Amy Jo Trier-Walker

Epithalamia by Alyse Knorr