Siel Ju’s “Pledge Drive”

by Jen Tynes

Here is another excerpt from our forthcoming collaborative chapbook, PLEDGE DRIVE, which you can order (along with many other great books!) via our spring subscription/pre-order drive!

Pledge Drive

by Siel Ju


The reason you don’t have it is because you have not yet created the circumstances for it to come into your life. You cannot passively wait and expect it to arrive, you must actively co-create your destiny, setting your intentions for it, making room for it, finding creative ways to welcome it, both physically and psychologically. Once you have finally crafted the perfect, welcoming space for it, it will naturally come and fill that space.

The reason you don’t have it is because you are not yet content with your life. You are constantly starting this and stopping that, tweaking this and moving that, in the hopes of attaining it. Yet desperation never attracts. As long as you are trying so hard, as long as you are not quite satisfied with your life as it is, nothing will come to you. Once you are perfectly content not having it, then you’ll be surprised to find it suddenly enter into your life.