Lauren Gordon’s “Pledge Drive”

by Jen Tynes

Here’s another of several poems that will be featured in our collaborative chapbook PLEDGE DRIVE, forthcoming later this month. You can order a copy, and you can also get some other great pre-order and subscription deals, for the next 35 hours or so, via our spring fundraiser! We are only $190 away from our goal. We thank you for your support!

Pledge Drive

by Lauren Gordon

Shadows shift
under feet
that shuffle
to and from
the liquor
store here she

submits to
a noon in
the sun un
quiet no
mother near
the corner

man wants her
to know god
loves her and
there is time
and hope no
mother prays

when she slides
past Him Her
face in calm
sea water
boiling be

low the side
walk where the
devil roams
His pitchfork
tilted up
poised, waiting