Horse Less Review #16

from Capitulate Forms/Capital by Tony Mancus

What the Full Moon Does to the Wolf by John Duvernoy

from A Game of Correspondence by Valerie Witte

from Sara, Or, The Existence of Fire by Russ Woods

from The Paper Camera by Youmna Chlala

from Things That Are Blue: A Story About Blue by Hannah Rodabaugh

from My Secret Wars of 1984 by Dennis Etzel Jr.

from The Mysteries of Jacob by Jonathan Dubow

3 poems from 3… by Travis Macdonald

Two Poems by Matt Reeck

from Strange Fish Something Fierce by Brandi Homan

Two Poems by Maureen Thorson

Two Poems by Cheryl Quimba

from The Habiliments by Joe Milazzo

Two Poems by Jill Darling