Forthcoming Chapbook by Rebecca Loudon

by Jen Tynes

Oh, everybody! Guess what else we’re making for you this summer?! Forthcoming near summer’s end, an amazing chapbook called TRISM by amazing Rebecca Loudon. It is the best fairytale-but-not-a-fairytale you haven’t yet read. This, in addition to new chapbooks by Norma Cole and our own Michael Sikkema. And full-length books by Kate Schapira and Daniela Olszewska, the beautiful covers of which I hope to share with you soon.

If you want to submit your chapbook manuscript or full-length manuscript, or want to contribute to our Kickstarter project (only $500 left to go!), you’ve got about two weeks. If you want to send work for Horse Less Review #12, you’ve got a wee bit longer, until the end of May. Onward, y’all!